Volunteers Are Always Welcome

Volunteering with us is an ideal opportunity for you to pass on your skills and experience to our girls whilst helping to build their futures.

There are three depts you can volunteer in.

The networking department is responsible for building and strengthening SHINE’s collaboration with other organizations and groups in the community.  They work with other groups to create lasting partnerships and sponsorships that help advance youth and charity work in our community.

The integration department works to welcome new members into the SHINE team whether they are volunteers or participants.  This includes discovering the different strengths each member brings to the team and using their skills and talents to help advance SHINE programs. This department also helps in the creative process of SHINE by bringing to the table new ideas and programs that may benefit the youth of SHINE.

The social department is responsible for marketing and advertising the activities of SHINE through social media and personal connections.  This includes creating and continuously updating several social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fill in the form to express your interest and let us know which department you’d like to volunteer for, our team will get back to you soon.