SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education

Our Vision, Aims and Methodology

Our area of action started by covering the Greater Manchester area, but our vision is spreading out to include the involvement of other cities, ultimately forming a nation-wide youth community within which each area will help nurture and support the other.

Youth-SHINE Aims

Youth-SHINE Themes

We have a Board of Trustees who oversee the running of Youth-SHINE and are responsible for implementing our vision. We have completed our official registration with the Charity Commission and also recently opened a bank account. We have appointed an auditor, an accountant, a website developer and graphic designer. All teams and members are working on a voluntary basis including our accountant, ‘creative’ IT manager and ‘great’ administration officers.

Our Philosophy

We follow a holistic view in our offering to the girls. Our methodology includes nurturing the 'mind', 'soul' and 'body'. In 'mind' we have culture, identity, history, social life. In 'soul' we have righteous heart, righteous manners and having fun. In 'body', we have healthy eating/diet, appearance, psychology, puberty, healthy body, etc.

At the heart of the three intercepted elements, lies LOVE, LOVE to Allah SWT. This love is the fuel which makes us persevere despite all sorts of difficulties. We Love Allah SWT and want to please Him and achieve His pleasure. When this love is nurtured in the hearts of the girls, it will SHINE forth and brighten their future and illuminate their identity as productive members of British society.

Any activity/content presented at youth-SHINE will satisfy this methodology and belong to this holistic view.

SHINE is about teamwork and development, not just for the girls but for you too. We work as a family together and have close connections as dear sisters.

Youth-SHINE Methodology

For further information about the way we work click here to view the powerpoint presentation.

Child Protection Policy

We have a child protection policy in place and we make sure that we comply with it including DBS checks. Contact us to receive a copy.