SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education

IT Team

Mona & Mariam are the IT brains for Youth-SHINE. They are nearly always found on Mondays and Wednesdays when they are working together on the Youth-SHINE website – also managing to work their way through a variety of snacks and numerous cups of tea. It's wonderful to enjoy their company if you don’t have any sensitivity to high volume. You can hear them before you see them and when they get together they are loud and in stereo sound!

Outside of their website shenanigans, Mona and Mariam are definitely a case of East meets West! While Mona loves to cycle and stay fit, Mariam tries her best to avoid all possibility of even breaking a sweat. A common vision and work ethic, though, is what makes this pair a dedicated team having similarly computerised thought processes and ideas. Youth-SHINE has Mona & Mariam to thank for putting the random back into the Youth-SHINE RAM.