SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education


Nabila is in charge of the Hospitality Team in Youth-Shine. As a mother of three boisterous boys and in charge of a predominantly male household, she says that it’s refreshing to help out with Youth-SHINE after listening to tales of football and computer games all day. Nabila also bring in ideas and inspirations from her childhood, making her a great team player.

The main role of the Hospitality team is to ensure we provide a variety of healthy snacks & drinks every week for the girls at break time. Our biggest challenge comes when we have to choose & organise the food for end of term and special themed parties. Our job starts with selecting and buying and doesn’t end until the clearing up at the very end!

On our team you will find Salma, whose daughter also attends Youth-SHINE. Salma helps out every week and is invaluable when making decisions in our team. She also brings her IT skills, excellent organisational skills and the oft-overlooked quality ofpunctuality.

Also on our team is Amber. She,herself, is a great cook and makes beautiful presentations of food. She is very efficient and organised and no wonder as she has 3 daughters of her own, the eldest being a regular member of the Youth-SHINE girls.

It's an amazing learning process and we are constantly improving as a team. Over time and through gaining experience, everything is finally starting to fall into place and we would love to have you join us and our Hospitality team.