SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education

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Activities & Events

We are the activity team who are always ready to roll! Our team consist of 8 full time members and we are happy to recruit more. Our job, we think, is the best one in Youth-SHINE. We try to think of new and innovative ways to stimulate and nourish young minds and bodies.

The girls meet with mentors every Friday between 6.30-9pm to learn about branches of Iman, Seerah of the Prophet and the names of Allah.

These past few months, our girls have had a taste of some of these great activities. Each week the girls have a choice of two activities.

Martial Arts kicked off the year and the result was a swirling mass of lightening quick arms and legs. Over the six week martial arts course, the girls practised their punches and blocks, and more kicks than you can count.

At the same time, we had knitting needles flying as the girls learned the basics of knitting. Having made their individual knitted squares, we are in the process of stitching them all together to construct blankets to be donated to our local hospital

In addition, the girls have already had the chance to enjoy hair dressing, cup cake decorating, henna and candle decorating.

We are looking forward to our forthcoming activities such as origami, bookmark making, keeping fit sessions, kickboxing, cross stitching and many more.

We are also running activities in the holidays at different local venues such as swimming, horse riding , table tennis, badminton, bushcraft and survival skills, to name a few.

We would love to see you as part of Youth-SHINE, so please register with us and see how your daughter's confidence will grow in sha Allah.