SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education

Welcome to Youth-SHINE.

SHINE is an acronym for Social enterprise for Her/His Integration, Networking and Education. Youth-SHINE is a registered faith-based charity under number 1158265 in the Charity Commission register. This is a new project for the youth of Manchester and beyond. Youth-SHINE is a means to establish social enterprise for the next generation. Youth-SHINE is starting with the initial aim of supporting young women aged from 11-25yrs. Those who are over 25 are welcome to join with a view of providing mentoring. In 2014-2015, our focus is on age group 11-18 divided into two sub-groups (11-14) and (14-18).

Not only that, but Her Integration could soon include His Integration once Youth-SHINE starts to illuminate; so watch this space!

At Youth-SHINE, there is one thing that we all hold dear – our love for the future generation. The first rays of Youth-SHINE glimmered through when we began our programme in October 2014. No one who was there that day will forget the powerful spark as Youth-SHINE changed from a dream vision to a possible reality.

This labour of love is growing much the way that it began - with a vision for a better future. And so, we would like to invite you to share our dreams, and add some of your own as well.

If you have a desire to empower our youth, to help them achieve the best of their abilities, or if you want to put fun back into the whole grim business of growing up, then join us. There can never be too many dreamers………..