SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education


Mariam Yousaf

Mariam Yousaf has her hands full. Being in charge of the financial side of SHINE can be a very harrowing job. Raising two kids is easy work compared to the balancing act that is SHINE accounts. Only recently registered as a Charity, SHINE has been relying on donations of generous individuals of both time and money. So being in charge of this most precious resource is a worthy occupation.

Mariam has been part of SHINE from its first day and soon found that her careful and responsible nature made her the natural choice for handling the financial resources.

The endless receipts and reimbursements she oversees never seem to shake the smile from her face. She is just happy to be working towards a future that SHINES.

Maria Wasty

With Maria, a small word of advice to those who are unfamiliar – watch your step. This almost-one woman admin team works from her formidable and super tidy office called ‘Home’. Don’t be deceived by the comfy surroundings. This is a woman who is doing everything but relaxing.

We call her Admin because we can’t think of a better word to describe this whirlwind of activity. She is the liaison between SHINE and our participants. She drafts emails, compiles list upon list of activities and schedules everything imaginable and coordinates volunteers, girls and any poor staff member that gets in her way.

Not only does she run the place, she is also ever ready to provide sound advice and even ad-hoc counselling. A woman of many talents and even more strong beliefs, it's pretty wonderous that she still is friends with whomever she meets. An active member of local charities and a key player in many new initiatives, we are happy to be benefitting from her myriad abilities.

Always well-meaning and never easy to steer, it's a comfort knowing that she has her finger on the pulse of SHINE. And no wonder, as she's also a qualified doctor in her spare time. Phew. It's tiring just to talk about her. And if you thought that was the end of her artistry, here's a poem she just wrote:

From youth-shine's inception

To its present organization

From days of past unknown

To the present euphoria and galore

I (with my minions) have toiled and turned 

Trying our best to keep you informed.....