SHINE - Social enterprise for Her Integration, Networking and Education

Abeer Pharaon

Bursting with energy, enthusiasm and lofty aspirations, Dr Abeer takes the lead by weaving threads of yarn together to keep the fabric of Youth-SHINE looking bright, fresh and modern. She is expanding venues of entrepreneurship and enterprising, leading on fundraising and conducting the smooth running of Youth-SHINE machine.

With the girls, she is back her teenage years, laughing and chatting, then nipping off for SHINE meetings to always maintain the high calibre she considers as standard for a leader and dedicated team player.

With a heart filled with love for The Creator and all that He has created, conveying the message of Love to all she meets. She strives to gather all our hands together to take Youth-SHINE to its next level of achievements and accomplishments.

If at all she ever finds any spare time Abeer enjoys mosaic vase decoration and skating.